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WHAT IS Gaumata Sewa Trust?

Gaumata Sewa Trust is a charitable organization dedicated to the welfare and protection of cows, often referred to as Gau Mata. They provide shelter, healthcare, and promote compassionate treatment towards these sacred animals. The trust strives to create awareness and actively engages in activities to preserve and nurture the revered status of cows in society.

The mission of Gaumata Sewa Trust is to provide shelter, care, and protection to cows, which are considered sacred in Hindu culture. They aim to promote compassion, reverence, and responsible societal involvement towards the well-being of these gentle creatures.

Gaumata Sewa Trust actively works towards the welfare of cows by providing them with shelter, nutritious food, and medical attention. They rescue abandoned, injured, and elderly cows, offering them a safe and compassionate environment where they can live with dignity and receive the care they need.

Individuals can support Gaumata Sewa Trust by volunteering their time, donating funds, or providing resources for cow care. They can also spread awareness about the importance of cow protection and encourage others to contribute to the cause. Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant difference in ensuring the well-being of these sacred animals.

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Gaumata Sewa Trust

"Transparency and Accountability: Tracking the Impact of Your Generosity in Gaumata Sewa Trust"

Transparency is at the core of our operations. We provide regular updates on the progress of our gaushala projects, allowing you to witness firsthand the impact of your generosity. We prioritize accountability, ensuring that every donation is used judiciously and in line with our mission of promoting compassionate Gaumata Sewa Trust.

Giving Love

Natural Way of Life - In our goshala you can experience a more natural way of life and learn how to adopt it.


Provides safe, comfortable shelter for cows and bulls, protecting them from harsh weather.

Healthy Food

Provides nutritious food to the cows & bulls, ensuring they have a balanced diet to maintain their health.

Medical Care

Provides medical care, including vaccinations and treatment, for the animals' healthcare needs.

We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone.

Donate now to Gaucare and witness the power of your small contribution in bringing about significant change. Your support can make a big difference!

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